A customer told me last week that she was done with the baked potato look. I looked puzzled so she continued. “I love a neutral room but I’m restless, kind of thirsty for color!” She came to the right place. Our showroom is brimming with gorgeous home décor from framed art to interesting objects, and of course, pillows. We’ve infused color because, well frankly, Madison could be the greyest town on the planet this time of year. And the rest of the year, too. Take a beautiful family room with deep seating, and wonderful woodwork. Add a splash of aqua blue, the color of the ocean when you wander through the Florida Keys. Rearrange your paintings and artwork, because somewhere you have a picture with a touch of that same shimmery hue. Or visit our showroom and allow a little time because you’ll want to really explore our vignettes of lighting, artwork, and even occasional furniture.

Winter has settled on us, and a sure cure for cabin fever is to shake up said cabin with something fresh and fun. And unexpected! One client decided to add one strong color to the neutrals walls and wood floors with dramatic results. One gorgeous color on the upholstery. It kind of took my breath away.

Recovering your furniture is not an option? That brings me back to pillows. The fact is we have the most amazing pillows. My new crush includes some textural beauties that would work in a mid-century modern home or the Stockholm Style rooms we love as easily as a Fixer Upper farmhouse. Our pillows are plump cushions that will look great today, and stand the test of time. We collect them from all over, and tuck them into our showroom in unexpected ways, just like you might at home.

Thirsty for color? We’ve got the home décor to quench it. And the lighting to bring your colors to life.