Mitzi Chandelier All through the year we wished would end came these little moments that kept us going: a socially distanced mug of coffee with a loved one on your patio, a breakthrough for a child mastering distance learning, seeing your mom’s smile when she clicked on your Zoom link. We’re looking for the good things and it turns out there were some little wonders this year.

As we welcome the holidays we find ourselves dressing the house just for fun, writing cards, shopping the shops with curbside pickup, and planning a small feast while donating to Feeding America. Sharing what we can and shining a light that soothes.

We’ve been helping countless folks with new lighting over their dining table this season. Turns out one of the silver linings this year was a deepening connection to the home that shelters us. And that table that we’ll gather around? It has hosted jigsaw puzzles. It supported sewing lessons. It gave us room to spread out the big homework projects. Lego building. Birthday shenanigans. Gift wrapping. And maybe for the first time we saw the pride in our dining space that our parents and grandparents found in theirs.

So, the chandelier? It presides over everything. And when it’s not the right thing any longer, you can donate it and get something that updates the whole room instantly. Something with enough light for every one of those moments that will bring us joy in 2021 and for years to come. Fast and fabulous update? You got that right. Let it shine.