One Of Five Lighting Trends To Watch

All glitz and glamour, or just a touch of bling. Your home can be your stage or you can simply add unexpected sparkle. This trend is here to stay. In our grey winter days and nights, a bit of bling really shines. This fixture, aptly named Party Girl, makes us smile. Want to try this look on? Think glamour. A gorgeous, light-filled space with daring colors, or all-white like this dressing room. Exotic wood in one-of-a-kind chair, or a crazy colored stool somehow works. In fact, custom or unique furnishings make the kind of statement this trend needs. Precious metals in the new burnished gold finishes we’re seeing in lighting, polished silver, and even rubbed bronze play with the light. Mirrors? Um, yeah. And other polished surfaces that reflect the light and bring on the sparkle. We love the melodrama of crystal sconces, too. They create a dramatic atmosphere in the smallest of spaces. Tiny bathrooms become a jewel box; a little bitty bedroom becomes a glammy getaway. Bet you’ve got a good start on creating some glitz and glamour at home. Take some photos with your iPad and bring them in to the showroom. It’s easier to imagine how things will work together. Jump on Pinterest and start training your eye. And follow up on Facebook because we’re exploring 5 Trends we think you’ll love and Bling is at the top of the list.