If you love the beaches when you travel, from Hawaii to California, and Maine to Door County, you’ve probably brought the beach home with you. We saw that coastal living trend last year in décor and lighting. This season, we’re riding a wave that’s making the beach life all American. Simple, natural elements, without the tchotchkes that clutter every beach condo and hotel room.

There’s a rustic luxe in this beach house that feels relaxed but not careworn. Where little bare feet get tucked under while cuddling on the couch. And it’s easy to sweep away the sand your dog tracked in. Exterior lighting is super soft so it doesn’t scare away the wildlife. And a terrific lamp shines gently over the table where vicious card games break out that make the whole family laugh and cheer. And sconces next to the bed burn on into the night as you finish the books stacked on the floor next you. The ceiling fan turns lazily and moves that air so easily you really don’t need air conditioning most days.

Your “beach house” may not be on a beach at all. But the comfort and calm you feel when you roll in after work, well you can practically hear the waves lapping at the sand. This is the season to create that casual getaway at home. Gorgeous lighting from the best vendors and artisans, home décor from Magnolia Home, Arteriors, and others. Check us out online, then come and shop with us on Watts Road in Madison. Your beach house is waiting.