Credit @MinkaGroup

On a recent trip south, something northerners don’t often do in summer, we began to understand surviving summer’s heat in a different way. Exiting the Atlanta airport, we hit the blast of hot and humid air that fogged sunglasses and took our breath away. How do people live like this? Here’s how.

Slow down. Life’s pace is slower in the heat because you have to. It’s too hot to move.

Wear linen. It’s a fact of life, linen is the easy, breezy fabric that you feel best in. They wear it every day, wrinkles and all. Why do we worry about wrinkles?

Install ceiling fans, indoors and outdoors. Ceiling fans are everywhere in the south. They keep the air moving and make the best of the air conditioning. In neighborhood after neighborhood we saw-

  1. a pair of fans on the front porch, an idea we love and encourage here in Madison. “Wet-rated”  fans can be used outside here even though our temperature swings are crazy! Moving the air on a porch makes it fun to spend time out there, chatting with neighbors and watching the kids play. They keep the bugs off, too.
  2. a fan in the family or great room. Ceiling fans create a sort of “wind chill” and cool you instantly. So, while lounging on the sofa and watching the late news, you’re less likely to stick to the furniture.
  3. a fan in small spaces  like a laundry room & pantry. It moves the air gently and makes working in there much comfier.
  4. ceiling fans in every bedroom! They’re standard in the south, and in many homes here in Wisconsin. Sleeping in summer’s hot and humid air can be miserable. Ceiling fans in kids’ rooms are just as important and parents tell us that their kids sleep better. Don’t we all?

The other thing we noticed are the brands of ceiling fans. They seem to prefer the quality fans we sell here at Madison Lighting. Makes sense, doesn’t it? They rely on their fans 24/7. These appliances make life so much easier where ever you live.