Ginger Martin and I shopped together at Madison Lighting this weekend. We had so much fun and I think she was surprised at all the ways she could take her screening room project. Ok, a quick update: Ginger lives in a wonderful old home and loves the trend Rustic Luxe. She and her pup, Truman, share a busy life filled with friends, work and play. She asked us to help with a new project: how do you light a room where friends gather to screen a film, play board games, and sometimes dine when it’s a food fest?

Rustic Luxe is a great trend in this area because it reflects our culture here: warm, generous, comfy, and real. After talking with Ginger and seeing her space she described the trend as the perfect attitude for her screening room. We got to work looking for lighting we thought Ginger would covet. We have wonderful displays in our Watts Road showroom, but it features a fraction of the light fixtures we offer. Choosing from all 80,000 of them at can be daunting and we love helping people like Ginger through the process.

Where do we start? Style. Finish. Glass. And that’s just part of it! Once we zeroed in on lighting Ginger connected with she took it another step and embraced the look of Edison bulbs. Talk about perfect. Then we really worked on proportion. Her screening room is a big space and her furniture is that buttery leather that’s oversized and super comfy. The right fixture would be bigger than the sconces we were replacing.

We worked our way through the showroom and suddenly there it was, the perfect fixture. I love it when that happens. Off she went with 3 of them. We’re going to pop by and take a look in a few days. Stay tuned!