I love summer. I love sweet corn and strawberries. I love lazy weekend evenings at home after a satisfying day in my garden. I sit on our porch, feet up, listening to the birds, and feeling the gently cooling breeze of my ceiling fan. The fan chases bugs away, runs so quietly I can hear the crickets, lives stoically all winter while we hibernate indoors, and is ready at the flip of a switch when we open the porch in the spring.

Recently a customer posted a crazy picture of her porch ceiling fan on our Facebook page. It was drooping like a vase full of wilted flowers. Jennifer was upset, and we didn’t blame her. Of course, we waded into the problem immediately only to find her builder had mistakenly placed an indoor fan outside. YIKES! We helped Jennifer pick out a fan that’s wet-rated for her location. And we learned a valuable lesson: even folks in the building business can use help with ceiling fan selection.

So, here’s the scoop: We live in a crazy climate with enormous temperature swings. Our exterior lighting is made differently than our interior lighting, and our ceiling fans are no different. Standing up to a harsh Wisconsin winter, a spring hailstorm, or a summer downpour, takes a bit of engineering! When it comes to ceiling fans outdoors they are rated either “wet” for all the way outside under an arbor for example, or “damp,” for a porch where it could catch a little spray from rain or a dusting of snow and keep on keepin’ on. As you might imagine, you can use an outdoor wet or damp rated fan indoors, but you cannot employ an indoor fan on a covered porch, an open porch, or under an arbor in your garden. We have a special collection of fans for those purposes!

We’re savoring the summer. It’s our nature to help you plan for your fan. Can you picture it? Sitting on your porch in the gentle cooling breeze of your ceiling fan, you reach for that glass of crisp white wine and watch the sunset. Savor it yourself!