Lighting the front door? It welcomes visitors and ensures you can see your property well enough to view incoming visitors, welcomed or not. A well-lit house is a more secure house; ask any single living in the city today. But style is not lost to security. This photo illustrates my point perfectly: Look at the size of the light by the front door. It replaced one half that size that looked like a postage stamp on a big brown envelope. The homeowner knew she didn’t like the old fixture. I pointed it out that it wasn’t the fixture; it was the proportion of it. Another thoughtful touch? The little light at the step on the front porch. Even though there is a change in materials, wood slats to patio stone, the light tells you subtly that there’s a change in your path. Safer for you and your guests? Yes. But it also added a bit of character lighting a small swath of the pretty stone walk that before was a little underappreciated. Our last touch to this front porch was to add some soft spotlights that break on the porch ceiling. Not blasts of light, just subtle, take-the-edge-off-a-dark-night light. First, it created a ton of curb appeal. Second the light ever so gently highlights the texture of the shakes and puts the house’s personality on display a bit. Things you might not notice in the daylight become apparent in their new nightlight. Not the least of which, it highlights that gorgeous porch ceiling. And finally, the front porch became a fun space to use in the evening, greeting neighbors, enjoying their front yard, and catching up on their day together.