One of Five Lighting Trends To Watch

The French have it all figured out. Beautiful objects in a simplified space with something super rustic that looks like it’s been loved and admired for generations. It’s a rustic vibe at home in a grand space so we call the trend Refined Rustics. Frankly, perhaps best said, it’s where rustic meets upscale. This trend is all about comfort and luxury. Antique and weathered finishes. And a sunbaked color palette not pastel but muted colors as though faded. We see Refined Rustics in vintage homes with timeworn burnished wood floors and quirky detail that was placed there by the craftsmen that built it. And we’ve seen it in log homes, stately and solid, loaded with light from huge windows and light fixtures that add that bit of luxury to the wood. And we’ve helped homeowners build new homes with interesting plaster finishes, high ceilings and stunning painted woodwork that could get a little high brow but is kept tethered to earth by the rustic finishes and hand crafted embellishments of Refined Rustics. It’s fun to prowl the showroom with customers and find pieces that make the right statement. Like this chandelier, called Delacroix, by Troy Lighting. Set just inside the archway that mimics the curves of the fixture in reverse, it’s perfectly at home. Finding that match of mood, style, and trend makes every day fun at Madison Lighting. It’s what we love to do.