A couple of weeks ago when a couple told us, “We want to make a beautiful space to create a bountiful buffet, and (the wife added) I want it to look like a magazine,” you can imagine the excitement. Out came the photos of her space, her Pinterest pics, paint colors, and her wishes for the drama of lighting this holiday season. As we explored her ideas we discovered that this couple eats their supper off trays in front of the TV most evenings. We came to know that food has become an afterthought for them. The last time they entertained friends and family? A Badger tailgate several seasons back. We still aren’t sure what brought them to this new stage in their lives. But we were excited to help and this is their story.

As the holidays approach we seem to become our parents: creating menus for fancy meals, planning the neighborhood cocktail, scrounging for more seating. Loving the details, the vibe of a party still in the planning, we carefully create the soundtrack for each gathering and dip into the comfort of controlled lighting. And when customers tell us they are doing up the house with this same end in mind it sure lights us up. So when Jo, a new customer to us, decided this was their year, she and husband Rob made 2 requests. They wanted lighting that would make their living space more usable every day. And, Jo wanted it to look like a magazine when family comes for the holidays.

Her idea? A bountiful buffet. Customers often think of buffet lamps, or hurricanes with candles. But in Jo’s dining room our idea was to add a pendant or two over the buffet. A big beautiful print on the wall as a backdrop? No, a mirror. It was a gorgeous landscape mirror Jo selected from our collection. It reflects light from the windows by day, and shimmers with light from the new fixtures by night. The pendants give ambient light to the space, but lighting the top of the buffet to best effect came from recessed pin lights. Small, recessed down lights are known as pin lights for precisely placing a pool of light directly under them. We’ve placed them around huge chandeliers over a dining table to light the tabletop. We’ve placed them in a foyer over a table where you set your keys when you come through the door. And in Jo’s dining room, pin lights gave her that layer of light she craved for her bountiful buffet.

Jo and Ron probably still have suppers on trays some nights. But we’re pretty sure even a Lean Cuisine tastes better in their new dining room lighting. They love it and Jo got her wish. It looks just like a magazine.