It’s hard to believe but has it been a decade since you redecorated the bath? The towels are tired, the wall color is faded, and yes, you long for a bathroom that’s a bit more spa-like. (A spa-like bath might not have occurred to you 10 years ago even if your lav is on the small side compared to the glorious bathrooms featured in shelter magazines!) Well let’s get real. You have a regular house, a bit of a budget, and want something short of a total redo? We aren’t talking about a full “reno” here, we’re talking about a mini: new window and wall coverings, fresh paint, some new towels, a stylish mirror and some truly useful and beautiful lighting. There are some big trends in beautiful baths and taking a look at shelter magazines, online apps like Pinterest and Houzz will help you get started. Ask yourself, is this bath seldom used or is it your space for showering, shaving, and a salon for your hair, makeup and nails? Once you decide how this bath is, um, used, you can create a plan that fits those needs for the way you live today. And plan a visit to our showroom for some great inspiration. Meanwhile, we came up with a few ideas to get your mini-reno started. Start Here