Ceiling Fans Madison WisconsinIt’s gonna be a hot summer. Just like last year and the year before that. And while we were dreaming about projects for this summer once we were on the other side of the pandemic there was one way up on the list. A ceiling fan! There are so many reasons to swap out a ceiling fixture for a fan:

  1. Save on your energy bill
  2. Open the windows and listen to the birds
  3. Sleep better

But how do you make it happen? I mean, we’ve all been fooled  by a big box store fan that never saved money on the utility bill let alone made a 7-degree difference in a room. That was the fan that made a “thunk-thunk-thunk” noise so you couldn’t sleep at all, right?

We start with a quality fan that fits your space in size and in power. A fan that’s too small for a room looks silly and can’t provide enough air movement in a big room. Power is a funny thing. It takes a well-built fan with a good motor to generate the power you want season after season, year after year. In summer, the air is heavy with moisture, and a powerful fan has no trouble moving that air quietly. All summer long that fan will gently push the air down from the ceiling creating a sort of tiny windchill that makes the dampness evaporate. The right size motor will work with the volume of space in your room. It’ll move all the air and keep you comfy QUIETLY. And we haven’t begun to talk about the comforts of winter with a ceiling fan!

We mentioned your room’s “volume of air” because it’s critical. Measure your room size, wall to wall and include the ceiling height. Those ceiling heights make a big difference: low ceilings and 8 footers. Vaulted ceilings in a big home, and sloping ceilings in a cottage. Nine foot and ten-foot ceilings. There’s a lot of air up there! If you’re thinking of a ceiling fan for a porch measure the walls and ceiling height as well as the seating area. Want a ceiling fan for an outdoor area like an arbor, or gazebo? Measure the height where you’ll hang your fan and the seating area.

Bring those room measurements, including the ceiling height, to Madison Lighting and our fan experts will help you choose the right fan for your space. Remember your kids rooms, too!