If you asked a lighting designer what their go-to lighting fixture would be, there’s no doubt it would be a pendant. Light over a tiny nightstand? Light over a deep seating area that invites conversation? Light over the kitchen table where you sip coffee and check your Instagram feed? The answer is a pendant (or 3!)

Working with a lighting specialist at Madison Lighting gives you the confidence to mix lighting within an open floor plan. The blend of metals and glass, utility and style, adds a level of sophistication to your room and can make the most novice do-it-yourselfer look like a pro.

We add color to bring the client’s décor up above eye level with pendants. We bring a light to read in bed by with a pendant. We bring light to the faces you love with pendants. And with the open floor plans so many customers are dreaming of, we find pendants help us carve out special places within larger living spaces. Pendants help us define your space. Dine here, chat together over a glass of wine there. With the big trend of open floor plans comes the useful trend of pendants.

Explore pendants and our showroom. We’re here to help.