Kichler Kitchen Lighting at Madison LighitngWe’re hearing it. Like a drumline coming toward us, we’re hearing customers saying, “Wait! This is Kichler?” And, “Whoa, THIS is Kichler?” I feel the same way! The company that’s perhaps best known for bathroom vanity fixtures with great style at a great price has roared into our consciousness with some amazing fixtures for the kitchen. One collection features chrome with faceted octagonal crystals tucked under glass. Crushed Ice is a sleek stunner and, in a kitchen that parties, it reigns like Kate Middleton. All glamour and poise.

Party in the kitchen? Since my guests always crowd into mine no matter what I do I completely relate to having some pretty, sparkly light in my kitchen. If the party comes to the kitchen, so be it! Place this over your island and it splashes the fun. We added some recessed pin-lights that cast light down on the island surface for additional function, and to bounce a bit of light off the pendant lights. The effect is pretty cool. And since the lights are on their own switches you can use them individually AND all together.

Annette is as at home in the kitchen as she is in a foyer. Like a diamond eternity band, expect glimmer. A little nervous about all that bling? Tone it down a touch with Kabru in a line (or squiggle) over your island. The shiny metal flakes encased in acrylic are mesmerizing, a little less glitz but every bit the life of the party.

Kichler’s kitchen lighting offers a lot of look for your lighting budget. From Farmhouse to Art Deco, and art forms like Crushed Ice, you’ll welcome guests to your kitchen. They’ll love the sensory overload of appetizers coming fresh out of the oven filling the kitchen with the fragrance of rosemary and basil. Splash a little wine into their glass and pass a nosh. I love a party in the kitchen.