The secret to a happy life? It could be a well-appointed vanity. Everyone’s in a rush in the morning. You need space at the mirror, your accouterments at your fingertips, and great light. We can help refresh your bathroom vanity with mirrors and lights at our Madison Lighting showroom here in Madison, Wisconsin. Many lighting manufacturers we work with also make mirrors. You can match the décor or you can mix it up a bit. One trend we really love is Mixed Metals. Your faucet may be chrome but you can mix other metals in like a pro with a little help from a lighting designer. Mix bronze and chrome in your lighting with a mirror framed in a hand rubbed bronze finish. You might choose a pair of mirrors to hang side by side. Light up the space with three wall sconces – one to the left of the mirrors, one to the right, and one between the mirrors. When the lighting is placed 60” off the floor your face is free from shadow, making eyeliner application or shaving a breeze. After this makeover you can grab your space at the mirror, there’s room for everyone.