From Coco Chanel’s effortless chic to the ultra-modern Euro kitchen, the Black and White trend fascinates us. In 2018 this trend comes roaring in like a sleek black cat with an attitude. Interiors continue to be stripped of clutter but never lose the charm. Like the handmade fixture featured in this photo from our friends at Hubbarton Forge in Vermont. Seriously. “Duet” is handmade, in a forge, in picturesque Vermont. Somehow knowing that you can bring home a piece of art and flip it on with a switch makes the centerpiece of this room even more fun, no?

The space is filled with texture, too: hand-rubbed metals, an ebony colored low lustre wood coffee table, the nubby linen sofa, and the deliciously shaggy rug. It’s a not quite classic take on a trend that keeps coming home. We think it’s here in 2018 because its calming. And it’s sophisticated without getting too full of itself.

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