In Wisconsin we seem to crave light. In our often-grey climate there simply isn’t enough. So at Madison Lighting we help people add useful, well-chosen lighting to transform spaces. And perhaps nothing transforms your life like a well-lit bathroom. That may sound funny but that could be because you’re still coping with a single light fixture and an old-school small mirror over the sink and are now thinking, “this could be better?” It can be so much better, and our lighting specialists can help. Here are a few things you can do: take some photos of the vanity, the existing fixtures, towel bars, and mirror. Don’t bother printing them, just leave them on your digital camera, your iPhone or iPad and share them with us in our Madison, Wisconsin showroom. We’ll help you find a mirror that fits your space and brightens your bathroom with reflected light. Then we’ll check out the lighting itself. You may choose a super sophisticated pendant light to hang over the sink and operate it with a dimmer switch. The ambient light it casts is perfect for a quick look in the mirror or a soak in the tub. Add a sconce on each side of the mirror and you’ve got the right light for applying makeup or shaving sideburns. You might need power where the new lights will go, a simpler project than you might think, and that’s what electricians are for. Don’t let the details stop you from your re-mod. We’ve been through the process thousands of times before. Come to our showroom with your photos and we’ll help you tie your new lighting in to create an inviting space that feeds that craving for light.