If you love discovering new places, and the fabric of their everyday life, chances are you’ve thought of a trip to Stockholm. I know I have. The beauty of a modern city, that looks like a classical painting from some vantage points, is simply intriguing. It’s that confluence of old and new, mid-century modern and old European luxury, that is just intriguing. Pickled floors, silvery soft-colored walls, elegant woodwork, and stunning lighting. How do they brighten up at home? After all, living near the Arctic Circle their winters are even longer than ours! The trend includes pearl-like shades on the walls that reflect the light back into the room. Soft shades of grey and taupe in furnishings merge with a touch of midcentury modern, generous amounts of crisp white or barely color-tinted trim, light wood floors, and lots of beautifully arty light fixtures.

We see lighting as globes or sculptured shapes hung in multiples at varying heights. These shimmers of ambient light float in the headspace of the room. Task lighting is added to a room with flexible floor and table lamps that can be moved chairside to read, and tableside for family game night. These lamps are both beautiful and artful. There’s low key lighting to guide your feet on steps and down hallways. It’s the Swede’s version of layering light (and therefore shadow) to achieve the atmosphere you want to live in.

We see simplicity in Stockholm style. The careful curating of the things you acquire. A sofa that fits the space and the family’s need in a handsome way. We’re talking style here, not always expensive, but beautiful in its space. Above there’s a cluster of light fixtures, like a flock of birds taking flight, each casts this glow that together create atmosphere on these dark winter evenings. When lighting this way, you have complete control of the space, the proportion of light. It’s really clever.

We’re in love with Stockholm and its soothing, simple style. It’s a beautiful way to bring home the light this winter!