Low voltage lighting is a simple way to guide family and friends to your door. How can you create a welcoming path? Here’s my step by step with tips nobody tells you.

  1. Point A to Point B. Plan to move people from the driveway to the front or back door. A garage light is always helpful, one that fits the style of your house and says, “You’re here!” The sidewalk from the driveway to the door should be gently lit with path lighting. The door you want people to use also has a light, too. A pendant suspended by a chain overhead, or carriage lights on each side of the door. Keep the process simple.
  2. Path lighting is low lighting. At about 15” off the ground these fixture cast light down and spread light gently over the path. You need very little lighting outside to make a big impact so don’t overdo it.
  3. The garage light and the front door carriage lights add plenty of light, the path lighting is both directional and embellishes your home’s style and personality.
  4. All light is not equal. Consider LED’s like Kichler’s warm white. Cheap LED’s often have an ugly bluish cast. Not the look you’re going for!
  5. Need more info on LED? Here it is. LED uses 75% less energy than incandescent, and bulbs can last for years. In the landscape this is especially nice because having the lights burn out in February in Wisconsin will probably mean no light for the remainder of the winter.
  6. Research says LED is less likely to attract mosquitos.
  7. Choose rugged fixtures. They live in temps from 100+ to below 0. They may be hit by a falling branch in a summer thunderstorm, or a chunk of ice from your snow thrower in winter. In Wisconsin, plastic is not often a good choice.
  8. Sealed fixtures keep the moisture out. That’s really helpful. Think heavy humid air, dew, rain, snow, ice thawing and re-freezing.
    Make a plan. We’ll help you for no charge when you buy your lighting from us.
  9. This can be DIY. Or, if you’re like me, best not to go there. You’ll want an electrician. Don’t have one? We have the names of some reliable ones.
  10. Once you’ve planned a path to the door, consider adding a path into the backyard. We find people that use landscape lighting in their yards tend to use their yard more. Everything looks different at night. Add a little drama to your home’s exterior and to your yard with path lighting.