Quality LightingEvery single room can be made better, more efficient, more welcoming, more fun, with the right light. We call it curating your own space. Take your kitchen. We’ve never worked on two kitchens that work and live the same way because no one lives in your kitchen the way you do. But there are some tricks of the trade that work in every kitchen:

  • Ambient light for every time of day.
  • Task light for countertops, islands and workspaces.
  • Pendants over the island and kitchen table for light and a style element.

These tips are important in every kitchen for the comfort of the cook, and for creating the welcoming hub of the home that our kitchens become. These best practices can be tricky for those that don’t build a home every day, but we’ve got your back on this. We’re pros with lighting and our service doesn’t cost extra.

Ok, so on to the foyer, a spot where the whole family comes and goes all day long. It’s where we welcome friends and hug our parents. Here, some light outside the front door hints at your home’s style inside the front door. Carriage lights on either side of the front door? A pendant over the porch? The right light always makes arrival time kinda special. Step inside and a wonderful light overhead makes a full-on entrance.

It may sound crazy, but we have the expertise to bring light, and therefore style, to the way you live. In the kitchen, at the front door, in bedrooms and baths, and outside on the patio, too. We pair nicely with your builder, remodeler, interior designer, and inner voice that says, I want it to look amazing, but I don’t know how. We’re here for you.