I love fall. I really do. I love winter actually and I know there are those in town that have trouble saying that after last winter. But I know the secret to living in south central Wisconsin. Light. We crave it. Especially in the kitchen. My kitchen is home to a passel of kids, a husband that loves to cook (therapy, I think) a large dog, homework that must be done, my little netbook that I look up recipes and write blog posts with. You get it, we live in our kitchen. Truth be told, most people do, even if they don’t cook. The kitchen is inviting and central to our lives, at least it should be. If yours isn’t, you probably need more light. My kitchen is in a 60-year-old house and the first thing my kitchen designer said was, “LIGHT!” Recessed light to be clear. I now have recessed light by my kitchen counters, I have recessed light over my kitchen table, I have recessed light by my back door. I LOVE my light, bright kitchen. So they had to retrofit the light fixtures into the ceiling. Big deal. It actually was very easy for the remodeling people to do and counts as the single best thing about our remodeling project. Showers of light on dark Wisconsin evenings make me comfy in my happy kitchen. So when customers say, “we’re redoing the kitchen,” I always start with recessed lighting and layer it from there. Pendants over the breakfast bar among the mini recessed lights that direct light straight down to the counter for late night snacks or math homework. A great fixture (chandelier?) over the kitchen table with mini recessed lights doing the same duty as those over the breakfast bar. Recessed light that shines near the edge of the kitchen counter, so you don’t cast a shadow on your own tasks, pairs with under-cabinet lighting the second best thing about our remodeling project. Imagine going from boning a chicken using one central light fixture in a kitchen, to working at your counter bathed in light from recessed lighting and under-cabinet lighting. You wouldn’t believe how many kitchens are STILL built this way. Well it all just makes winter so much easier. Light craving? Oh yeah.