Light Layering techniquesIt’s a technique we use every day. We layer ambient light, task light, and natural light to make everything you do a little easier. Because living and working in the right light makes a huge difference.

  1. In your kitchen you’ll love recessed light over the lead edge of your countertops rather than in the center of the room. Why? So you don’t cast a shadow over your hands!
  2. When you add undercabinet light, it spills light from the backsplash forward. This simple layer makes your kitchen live larger by giving you more usable workspace.
  3. And we know that kitchen islands crave light. Choosing pendants or perhaps a multisystem fixture generates enough light for your island as a work surface. And if your kids do homework there, you may even want some small recessed fixtures to splash light directly down on the surface. You’ll boost the light of pendants, which scatter light a bit more softly.
  4. Because it’s really dark where we live about 6 months out of the year, lighting experts acclimate the loss of natural light in the evenings and winter mornings. Wall sconces adjacent or above windows are a huge help here.

Layering light makes your spaces more useful when you know how to do it. For more on layering light in your kitchen check this out. Because if you want to layer light like a pro you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to help and happy to share our ideas.