The sun is now setting before 7:30. Soon it’ll be dark when you get home from work. As your garden is headed for hibernation this is the perfect time to get landscape lighting and exterior lighting. Warm and welcoming, great landscape lighting gives a completely different look to your garden in winter with, bare branches and then snow-covered shrubs and trees. Landscape lighting is like other forms of lighting: to look really great you need layers. You probably think of the up-close lighting, right along a sidewalk, when you conjure up landscape lighting in your mind. It lights the path to the front door and it can light the path to the birdfeeder. But by taking the light a few more feet away from your feet you can add stunning textures to your nighttime view.

Wash a wall with light. Spot-type fixtures are mounted in the landscaped beds around your home, and they point upwards, skimming the brick, or shake shingles, of clapboard, with a sheen of light. The effect is really quite stunning. Wall washing gives a bit of an imposing look to a smaller home as the texture of it is highlighted. On a larger home, you can wash light over selected areas to accent an archway, a set of windows, or other architectural interest. And landscape lighting effectively backlights any shrubs between you and the lighting, giving it a second dimension from the street.

Another important concept is moonlighting. In this application, low voltage spots are set 15 feet from the ground and cast a soft, hazy light downward, illuminating a walk, a deck or patio. We love it for safety as you and your guests can easily pick out an icy patch of sidewalk to avoid. Beyond safety, moonlighting illuminates very subtly because too much light is as bad as no light at all. You can through a party on your deck and keep the wine flowing as the moonlighting softly brushes the space with light.