Credit: @emersonfans

It’s been a long, cool spring in the Madison area. No heat, no AC, windows cracked open to birdsong in the early mornings. Kind of dreamy, no? Well snap out of it! It won’t last, this is Wisconsin you know. In a single day we’ll be in the heat of it. Hot sticky days, a steamy kitchen, and sleepless nights because its “too hot to sleep.” Eventually we’ll turn on the air conditioning just to survive but there goes the sound of crickets late at night. Of hearing your kids playing flashlight tag down the block.

We sort of crave the simple life here at Madison Lighting. That includes a ceiling fan in the bedrooms at home. Sleeping to the sounds of summer under the gentle cooling effect of a fan is magical in summer. Built to run (like your fridge) this appliance can run all year round but unlike your fridge it runs for pennies. And its quiet, too. Look at these Emerson Fans. They’re engineered by some really smart people and built well, even the ones under $200.

The hot fudge on this sundae is the energy you save running a fan rather than air conditioning. And it’s just as comfy. In order to do this follow these guidelines. We have ceiling fans by 11 manufacturers in every price range. In fact, it can get a bit overwhelming. But if you do a bit of research and talk with the fan experts at Madison Lighting, you’ll end up with the fan sized for your space, hung at the right height with a motor that will perform for years. Come and see us. We’re here to help!