Madison Wisconsin Lighting ExpertsWhen you start your day and it’s still dark out. When you flip on the lights in the kitchen and it feels kind of dreary. When you have to stand in a certain spot in your bathroom to light your face at the mirror. When you want a little more light on your home office desk at 4 in the afternoon. It’s time! Living and working at home is challenging enough but as the days get shorter you need the splash of light that feels right.

Customers miss the bright shower of light that their office workspaces offer. It’s a daily jolt of light! And it took a while to understand what is missing from their lives, besides the obvious. It seems our homes don’t enjoy the amount of light we’re used to, and it becomes obvious in fall. We miss our daylight this time of year! Fortunately, the lighting experts at Madison Lighting know exactly how to give you the light you’re missing. Swapping out existing flush mount lights with fixtures that offer far more light? That’s just the beginning. Remove that single light over the bathroom vanity and replace it with a 3-light, 4-light or 5-light fixture. Take down the undersized light over your kitchen island and replace it with a beautiful multisystem light that offers the flexibility of additional pendants or spotlights from the single electrical source. We suggest lamps where people work, read, and craft, for the added style they bring to your rooms.

Check out and you’ll see so many options in design, light capacity, and price. Our lighting experts make magic, working with you to choose the right lighting. Is it time at your house? Get inspiration here and start shopping here. We’re happy to provide the shopping experience that fits your needs best. Shop the showroom safely, shop virtually with our lighting experts, shop online 24/7.