Ever wonder how to get that mix of contemporary and traditional just right? I see it in magazines all the time, perfectly executed. A wonderful vintage leather sofa straight out of a Ralph Lauren ad with a chunk of glass for a coffee table piled with art books, a piece of pottery and a bowl holding white peonies in all their blowsy confection… and it all works somehow. One thing that really pulls it all together? The lighting. This photo is a favorite of mine for it’s bird-in-flight light fixture by Hubbarton Forge. I love how it floats over the room, how it draws the eye up, how the symmetry of the room makes it just perfect in this traditional living room. And I also love that every Hubbarton Forge light fixture, lamp and pendant is made by hand in a forge in Vermont. It’s art created in an old school tradition that embraces today. We have several Hubbarton Forge pieces on the showroom floor and it’s fun to see how excited people get when they find out about its pedigree. This kind of sensory combination of old and new using lighting that’s really a piece of art is something we do at Madison Lighting.