The media would have us think that holidays are about packages with ribbons and bows, hot chocolate, brightly striped candy canes and Santa. Yes, there are the old and somehow comforting traditions, but I think the holidays I remember best are the ones with surprises. Like the box that arrived early, stuffed with grandma’s much-prized hand knit wool mittens. Or the time the parents pulled out sleds and saucers on a holiday afternoon and took flight with us. The TV was forgotten, phones left behind, we were all just out there in the snow. Or the times they set an extra place at our holiday table because, “no one should be alone today.” We met some amazing people that way, and learned a powerful lesson: deep down we all want the same things: friends, food, happiness, and laughter. Family is what we’ve made it.

It’s been a year filled with ups and downs, and through it all our Madison Lighting family weathered it together. A retirement, a new baby, a new hip, and new staff welcomed to the fold, it was a year bursting with surprises. We continue to thrive because we share a love of good design and helping customers find just the right thing. And we continue to grow with gratitude for the customers, builders and remodelers, interior designers, and all the craftsmen and women that fill our days with projects and ideas. Have a wonderful holiday.