Chandeliers in MadisonSome years the whole family gathers around your table. And some years it’s just you two. No matter how big or small the celebration it’s a day that fills our hearts with gratitude. Yes, it’s been a year for the books. But in spending so much time at home we’ve rediscovered our love of nesting. We’ve strengthened our family bonds, rediscovered our childhood love for board games, and actually tried out recipes downloaded from the New York Times food section.

That is to say, we now use every inch of the place we reside. At Madison Lighting we’ve helped you make your office a place you find productive, lit up spaces for the kids to be “at” school, and helped you create a little haven of nature for friends and family outdoors.

Now, with the holidays approaching, we’ve all got more fun making to do. We want family dinners to look Instagram worthy. And that is our secret superpower! We absolutely transform dining rooms and spaces instantly with beautiful new lighting. Chandeliers really do go out of fashion, just like your clothes. And they reflect the style you love. California desert-style? We have that sleekness perfected. Rustic luxe with its massive beams, and generous rooms? We really soar with oversized lighting. Millennial style with it’s mix of mid-century modern and comfy? We practically invented it.

Do it. Make a fabulously fast update you’ll absolutely love. We’ll help you do it before the holidays! This year has been hard, but we remain hopeful. We’re Americans. We’ll reinvent the fun of these holidays just like we have for every special occasion all year.