When our friend Ginger Martin called and asked us to help with a new project we jumped at the chance. Ginger is that cool girl that could be your new BFF. When she’s not on the air at Magic 98, she’s out in the community, often with her little buddy Truman the Austrian Cattle Dog. She rescued Truman and he’ll never let her forget it. He adores her. So when we popped by their house to help with Ginger’s project Truman welcomed us and showed us around.

It seems Ginger loves films. She hosts friends in a warm and inviting room with big, deep, comfy leather seating and reclaimed barn-wood paneled walls. There’s a gorgeous brick fireplace along one wall, and on another all there’s a big screen to enjoy the film of the day. The problem here? The lighting. A pair of sconces hangs over the seating. They’re too small in proportion with the furniture, they’re dated, and they don’t work with her aesthetic: Rustic Luxe. This is a style that says: Comfort. Generous. Friendly.

As Truman concluded the tour we chatted with Ginger and hatched a plan. We made an appointment for Ginger to visit us in our Watts Road showroom. We’ll select a few things we think Ginger will love and stroll about to look at finishes, glass, types of bulbs, and the proportion that will work for her space. This is going to be fun!