Beautiful lighting fixtures in eco-styleWith every home update we seem to be moving without hesitation into Eco-Style. It’s a huge trend and this one is changing the way we live. It is fascinating to us at Madison Lighting, the intuitive way customers embrace it. Looking for earth-friendly materials? Want to be sure the materials are recyclable? Want the perfect accompanying LED light bulbs? Eco-Style is at the heart of a home purchase these days. Are you moving ahead in technology? Just like buying a new mobile phone, or a new vehicle, we move forward. No one wants to move back.

Some Eco-Style lighting fixtures are crafted by hand from natural materials. Seagrass, rattan, coir, and wood are just a few of the sustainable materials used in lighting. Some lighting is created with recycled or reclaimed glass and metals. Hand-made glass is bringing art home. We see Eco-Style lighting in Vintage and Cottage-Style, Industrial style, Rustic Luxe, and Artful living spaces. And we see them in ultra-modern spaces for a juxtaposition that delights the homeowner.

Once the lighting is chosen we move to LED lightbulbs, adding another piece of Eco-Style. From standard lightbulbs, to 3-way bulbs, Edison style and chandelier bulbs, there are LED equivalent bulbs in every color temperature, for every fixture. LED produces more light without creating the heat of halogen or incandescent. And with LED there’s no worry of mercury from compact fluorescent bulbs. Eco-Style LED bulbs use far less energy than their predecessors. And though they cost a little more initially, since you don’t change these lightbulbs for years, in the end you save on the initial outlay. We recommend them for exterior lighting fixtures you leave on 24/7 (this light discourages burglars) because they are so inexpensive to run and last season after season.

We need more light at home. Beautiful lighting that makes life easier in the kitchen, more productive in your home office, restful in your bedroom, and stylish in your entry. We’ve spotlighted 5 trends, from stunning vintage-style to eco-style lighting these past few weeks in this blog. Come see us in the showroom for more on bringing light to life.