What is the deal with this weather? A couple of days ago it failed to hit 69 degrees in Madison WI and now, whew! Hot. Humid. And as one client told me, “mama wants something that moves the air and our big box store fan is not doing it.” I think of a ceiling fan as part of our summer survival gear in south central Wisconsin. Right up there with flip-flops and icy cold lemonade.

If your new ceiling fan is sized correctly for the space, hung at the right level, and powerful enough to move the heavy humid air of a Wisconsin summer, you can push the temp up on your thermostat 6 or even 7 degrees and still feel cool and comfy. You can save a bundle on your power bill. A well built ceiling fan runs for pennies, while your air conditioner runs for a whole lot more.

Why are Madison Lighting fans better? First, they are built to run. Like your fridge, our ceiling fans are appliances made to run for years and years. Second, because they contain quality parts, they run quietly. The second biggest complaint we hear about big box store fans is they are noisy. Thunk. Thunk. With each revolution they wobble and make a noise that becomes so irritating most people just turn ‘em off. Not helpful in our hot, sticky summer weather! And third, our ceiling fans come with us, a team of pretty smart folks that will help you pick the right size fan to really cool your space.

Visit us at MadisonLighting.com and click on the FANS tab. There is a section on motors so you can immerse yourself in K55’s versus 153mm’s and learn how one might be a better fit for your room than another. There’s a section on measuring your space to size your fan correctly. And yet another section on performance so you can compare fans apples to apples. A bit of knowledge will pay off with a fan that is a pleasure to use and saves you energy all year round. Because with the flip of a switch come fall your room will feel warmer as your fan quietly pulls the cold air up from the floor and pushes the warmer air at the ceiling back down to the floor.

Pre-shop ceiling fans or order them right there online. Or come and see us for some personal service. Because if you do it right, your new ceiling fan will “make mama really happy.” It’s going to be a long, hot summer.