One Of 5 Lighting Trends To Watch

Got a coastal spirit? Clean sophistication with a relaxed attitude. Inspired by the ocean… and we’ve got plenty of water right here. Never that overblown nautical look, Coastal Inspired is a trend for a fresh breezy style like a dream beach house. With it’s blurred lines of indoors and out it feels a little spa-like. Serene but never dull! We love the organic beach materials and bright diffused light and flowing fabrics. The color palette? Washed out neutrals, crisp whites and pale blues and a bit of sea glass…. Collect your own accessories from a memorable getaway, shells from the beach in a much-loved bowl, a beautiful piece of driftwood on the table, and that coveted sea glass where the light will catch it’s fabulous color. The right light fixture? Choose one that’s sophisticated yet relaxed like Dolcetti from Corbett, pictured here. It immediately says this is no ordinary home. Create a Pinterest board with your own photos: that shake shingle siding that went nautical on you can go Coastal. The dining room with its bright brass traditional chandelier gets a whole new life just by swapping the chandelier for one like this. Your kitchen’s painted cupboards and wood floor go from farmhouse to beach house with cool pendants over the kitchen table and nubby natural linen padding your kitchen chairs. Coastal is a state of mind. Find more ideas on our Pinterest page and on Facebook and then visit our showroom for more and let the shine in.