Summer. It’s ceiling fan season (though we love ‘em in winter, too!) and we see so many customers that are ready to move up from a big-box-store ceiling fan to a quality fan. Why? Your fan can make your room feel up to 7 degrees cooler by creating a gentle “wind chill” effect. Set your thermostat higher and save up to 40% on your cooling bills, without feeling uncomfortable. In fact, most people find their rooms are more comfortable. And some days you can avoid the AC all together. It costs about a penny an hour to run a ceiling fan. Now that’s savings! Here’s what you need to know: size the fan to the room. The fan needs to fit the volume of air to move it correctly. Next, hang your fan in the right spot because ceiling heights vary and that makes a difference in the air it can move. Remember not to hang it too close to a wall either. Of course not all motors are created equal, so you’ll want to read up on the motor size you need for each space. Or come talk with us and we’ll figure it all out for you. Saving money on a quality fan, and saving money with a quality fan… Go!