Exterior Fans that handle the humidityHere in the 608 it’s that time of year, hot and dry, with days of high humidity that take our breath away. September can be HOT! We can already see the days shortening and cherish these evenings of golden light. We know what’s coming. Customers are doing all they can to hold onto late summer and fall. How can you spend more time outside comfortably? Our wet-rated ceiling fans keep you cool, and adapt to every condition.

  1. Hot and humid evening? A wet-rated fan, hung in an arbor or pergola, gives you a little shade along with a light and cooling breeze from the fan.
  2. Love sitting on your porch but the mosquitos drive you indoors? Turn on a ceiling fan. In the south you often see a pair of fans on porches so everyone can sip and savor the evening.
  3. As the air cools in fall, stay outside and visit a little longer by reversing the direction of your ceiling fan. It draws the warmer air up around you. Seriously!

A quality wet-rated fan lives outside all year round. While we’re indoors in winter, your fan remains dormant outdoors. Come spring, summer and fall, it works hard to keep you comfy and help you enjoy your time outside.

A note about choosing the right fan. Our wet-rated fans are built for outdoor (or indoor use). But an indoor fan should never be used outside. It’ll never hold up to our crazy temperature swings and below zero temps. Wisconsin’s monsoon-like rains, snow, and wind are fine for our wet-rated fans. Come on, we’ll get you the right fan for your porch, gazebo or pergola. Our ceiling fan experts can help you!