And in a single day, our late afternoon autumn light is gone. Daylight savings time ended, and we were plunged into darkness. Sounds a bit dramatic doesn’t it? It’s just that big of a shock to my system every single November. The toughest part seems to be not seeing my home in daylight. I get the boys lunches made and load my tote bag for the workday in the dark. I arrive home long after sunset, again with the drama but it’s pitch dark at 4:30 in the afternoon!

I have adapted to this in my life here in Wisconsin with what I think of as work arounds: Lights outside my doors that make the house look cozy and lived in as I drive up to the house in the evening. I popped LED bulbs into them and leave them on 24/7 as both a safety feature and to confuse potential burglars. The latter tip I got from a customer whose house was burgled and the police told her leaving the lights on confuses the burglars. Back to my work arounds.

My kitchen has been equipped with recessed lighting over work spaces and especially over my island. I added some pendants there for a touch of style above eyelevel. And I added under cabinet lights with regular and low-level switching, so I can set a mood when I want to. Our bedroom and the kid’s bedrooms feature lamps by the beds and the boy’s desks, and I love them. You can move them around when needed. What a concept!

The family room is fitted with recessed lighting and I added a sort of low chandelier in a corner seating arrangement that has become everyone’s favorite spot to gather. Why? It’s the emotion that beautiful light brings. Sometimes its that extra touch that simply makes the room. But in winter, it’s a flow of light room to room, indoors and out, that brings life to the night and makes winter dark kind of beautiful.