Bedroom Ceiling FanIts sort of like a cross between Seattle and a tropical rainforest living here in the 608. Alternate rain and bursts of humid heat. How will we embrace this short but wonderful season? We will eat sweetcorn outside and drink icy cold beer. We will get up and out early and stay out late to soak up every moment of daylight. We will stand on our quiet street after a day at work, visiting with neighbors while watching the kids ride their bikes with abandon. Finally. It’s summer.

That’s not to say there aren’t a few chores that HAVE to be attended to. Here’s our quick list:
Get ceiling fans in the kid’s bedrooms.
Get a ceiling fan in the parent’s bedroom.
Sleep when you can.
Get back out there and enjoy summer.

Seriously. That’s it. We are going to help you find a way to sleep in comfort, without running the air conditioning that delivers the added gift of a huge electric bill. Head for the big box store and pitch a few fans into the cart? Tempting, but no. You will measure each room. You will take those measurements to Madison Lighting and have one of our smart and kind salespeople help you find the right fans for every room. Because only then will you be able to turn up the air conditioning 7 degrees, be just as comfy, and save a bundle on the utility bill. That is all. See you soon.