While exploring Madison’s Regent and University Heights neighborhoods this week we found ourselves simply speechless at the beauty of tradition. Old school? Yes. Unique? YES! We have just wrapped up photographing the new Parade of Homes for these pages and it hit us while surrounded by Madison’s older homes: we love some traditional touches at every home especially exterior lighting fixtures. It could be grand and it could be simple, like this candle-style, but it says, “Welcome!” in a language all your own. Many of the Parade homes used recessed lighting on the porch exclusively, which is wonderful, but it left us a little sad. Why not extend your unique style out the front door? As we walked the hills on Tuesday one old stone home we saw featured a dramatic pendant on a chain over the front door, framed by the curve of the porch roof. At a Victorian down the street we admired massive sconces with candles inside that lit the front porch- the old fashioned kind of porch where you could seat a group. A little jealous of that one. And at an Italianate home we loved the beautiful sconces framing the front door. Each of these gave the home a presence that just beckoned to you. Yes! We’re home! Please visit!