Madison Lighting Kitchen Lighting Design
Madison Lighting for Shaw Building & Design

In the building of a new home we bring our ideas, solutions, and lighting design expertise to our client’s projects. One recent new home really stands out. It’s a home designed around the lives of the husband and wife that plan to live there “forever.” But our takeaway was this. It’s like living in the best hotel ever. Uncluttered and peaceful. Luxuriously simple and thoughtfully designed for their own comfort. Food is central. It was then that we realized that having a kitchen that’s part chef’s dream and part bistro is a thing. That in more and more homes we are designing lighting for dining spaces that feel like the best little “table for two” or six, or even 12.

Dining spaces within kitchens. Dining spaces in open floorplans. Dining rooms. They flow into and out of the kitchen, so the cook is not just part of the action, they are in some ways the chef de’ cuisine. A drinks counter, a sideboard for serving, a butler’s pantry for prep and storage, and a sweet dining spot for enjoying food and conversation. In each of these areas lighting takes center stage to make the space come alive and live up to its name.

A drinks counter handles everything from the morning coffee, fruit and pastry to chilling wine for dinner and making espresso for dessert. Lighting the countertop for tasks is mandatory, as is the dimmer to quiet the light in the evenings.

A sideboard buffet benefits from flexible spotlighting to focus on key dishes. A second lighting element of recessed lighting adds a soft glow.

The butler’s pantry needs custom lighting zoned by task: recessed lighting directed at upper cabinet storage, under cabinet lights for the counters and prep spaces, and ambient light with attitude so you can leave the door open. If you don’t actually have a butler to clean up, you simply offload the dirty dishes to the pantry keeping your home’s open floor plan calm and clean while the party dances into the night.

Your own bistro requires a bit of planning. The fact is, you may like your morning coffee in one spot and dinner in another. So, give yourself these spaces. A beautiful table or bar with comfy stylish chairs. Art part of the mix and so is lighting. In fact, lighting is focal, it carves out that space as your place. From recessed fixtures that gently light the tabletop, to a beautiful pendant, chandelier or linear light fixture that lights the faces of those gathered ‘round. We can help guide you through the thousands of fixtures we have to the ones that will make your dining experience perfect.

By leaving only the spaces in your plan that are important to the way you live, a seamless and soothing space results. Gone is the clutter of your old life. Your new space has everything you need and nothing more. Like a luxury inn, this dinner reservation has your name on it.