One of the prettiest rooms I have ever seen was a lush living room in a luxury apartment. In the heart of Palm Beach, Florida, the monochromatic room was done in a shade I could only call cantaloupe. Upholstered walls. A touch of gold metal in the lighting and accessories. And yet it was not ostentatious. It was breathtaking. Talk about the deft hand of a designer. The room was a masterpiece, loaded with lessons for a woman that loves light.

Monochromatic rooms are a big thing now. Done in shades of a single color, lights and darks, textures and sheen, cleverly applied to create a room that isn’t a boring single note. A beginner’s guide to monochromatic rooms?

  1. Start with the rug! It’s a great base, then pull shades of the monochromatic palette you’ve chosen.
  2. Monochromatic doesn’t mean “baked potato” plain. There are pretty rooms in ivory and toast. And there can be spectacular rooms in glorious color.
  3. Use softer shades on the walls, use brighter shades in small amounts like an exquisitely shaped chair.
  4. To get the serenity of a monochromatic look at home consider painting some of the furniture the same color as the walls.
  5. Use metals and mirror to brighten or highlight areas.
  6. Breathing light into a room like this happens two ways: natural light through windows and skylights, and the light you choose through beautiful pendants, sconces, and lamps. Use the light fixtures to sculpt the room with highlights, draw attention to a piece of art, and create a spot to read or visit with a friend.