Lighting Outdoor Spaces

A home that is welcoming is one with the perfect landscape and outdoor lighting. The experts at Madison Lighting are here to help you with your exterior lighting plan. Our light lab can help you understand and create effects to light your walkways and seating areas. Here are a few tips as you consider adding outdoor lights to your home:

Shadow is as interesting as light — too much light can create hotspots, not enough light can flatten out the façade. Highlight paths, shrubs, and trees away from the house to create a vignette you’ll view from inside that beckons to you in all four seasons. Kichler is just one manufacturer that makes stylish and durable exterior and landscape lighting.

Layering light is just as important outside as it is inside your home.

Consider moonlighting — small spotlights hung 15 to 18 feet from the ground in major trees can shine downward, creating a gentle source of ambient light to see icy sidewalks, kid’s bikes and garden tools. Safety is important, too, and a well-lit home is less welcoming to a burglar!

Mid-level lighting is often used to create effects outside.

Washing a wall is one technique to consider, with small spotlights shining upwards and bouncing light off of an exterior wall. Wall washing highlights the architecture, brick or stone of your home, and looks beautiful from the street.

Accent a small tree or piece of art in your garden. Using three or more spots placed away from the base of the plant makes it three-dimensional and interesting.

Lower-level lighting actually guides the foot on a pathway.

Path lighting is attached to the edge of steps or tucked alongside landscape plantings and points down, toward the path.

Exterior lights on the house give the visitor visual cues to find the front door, the garage door, or backyard.

Quality exterior lighting handles our cold temps, wind, hail, and the occasional errant baseball. It’s durable, though not indestructible.

Outdoor lighting comes in many styles and finishes so you can find the perfect look for your home.

There are lots of types to choose from — wall mounted carriage lights for either side of the doors and post lighting for traditional lights off the driveway or front walk, flush mounts or pendants to hang from the ceiling of a covered porch, motion detection lighting is used for added safety, and lanterns light the garage door. If you choose to use LED light, then you can purchase fixtures that use those bulbs and save energy that may eventually pay for the cost of the fixtures.

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