At Madison Lighting, we love helping people find the perfect lighting for their home or business, but some of the projects we love most are those that are being worked on by trade professionals. Builders, contractors, and interior designers often have their work cut out for them when it comes to designing, building, and finishing a house or commercial property, and it’s important that every tradesperson has access to the finest lighting options.

In our lighting showroom, tradespeople can find great light fixtures at affordable prices. This means that if you’re a trade professional, you can buy every light you need at a cost that fits the budget you’ve been given. No more worrying about trying to compromise on quality and selection!

We Can Order, Store, and Deliver

When you work with our team, you can rest assured that you’ll receive the best service from the moment you call or stop by. We can order, store, and deliver all of your fixtures, making sure you have the lights you need, when you need them. By delivering everything all at once to your job site, you can keep a correct inventory of what you have and what needs to be installed. Instead of wondering where the dining room chandelier is, you’ll have it on hand when it’s time to hang it from the ceiling. We can also discuss warranty options with you, such as extension possibilities and how they apply to the manufacturer’s warranty.

Meet With Clients

If you need to meet with your clients to discuss lighting choices, then you can use our showroom whenever you need. Instead of browsing a catalog or trying to look at fixtures online, you and your client can walk through the store, inspecting all types of lights. Our staff can lend a hand if necessary, and we’ll gladly answer any questions you or the client may have.

Outstanding Pricing and Selection

As we noted above, we can order, store, and deliver all your new lighting options, but the first thing you’re likely concerned with is price. As a part of the Lighting One cooperative, we have access to outstanding products from the world’s leading brands, and we have the buying power to get fixtures at affordable prices. We can pass that savings on to you, and we often sell products to builders and designers at a price that is the same, or even better, than anywhere else in the area.

Take Pride in Your Projects

As a professional, you take pride in your projects, no matter if you’re building a new house or decorating a living room. We know that you want to provide your clients with nothing but the best, and we take the same approach when it comes to lighting. We can help you find a complete lighting package that fits your project, and we’ll manage the logistics of making sure your lights arrive on time and match the design vision of your client.

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