Madison Wisconsin best lighting

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Person walking a dog amongst the pine trees in a winter wonderland

When the sky is white with snow.

A luxurious yet rustic kitchen featuring weathered wood, fieldstone, metals and leather

Rustic luxe polished with white.

Dining room tablescape featuring linen, crystal, flowers and warm wood tones.

Wood and linen, crystal and flowers. A textural landscape for dining.

French doors open to a sunny room featuring a breakfast nook

A sunny breakfast room.

A music room featuring a grand piano, elegant lighting and dramatic blue walls.

A music room of our own.

Kitchen featuring rescued wood open shelving and a glossy white backsplash.

Rescued wood shelves with shiny subway tiles.

A centerpiece of fresh arranged flowers.

A centerpiece of fresh flowers you can arrange yourself.

Large decorative mirror reflects light from a nearby window.

A large mirror changes your point of view.

Perfectly matched hanging pendants emphasize the beauty in a curved and decorated ceiling.

Lighting highlights a gorgeous ceiling.

A series of ceiling lights lead the way through to a fun hallway reading nook.

The hallway becomes the destination with a series of cool ceiling fixtures finding a spot to read.

An antique bathroom vanity dressed up with handsomely shaped mirrors and sconces.

An antique vanity gets mirrors and sconces to make a vignette we love.

A handing light with a simple angled gold shade lends a menswear vibe in the kitchen.

A menswear vibe in the kitchen.

A dramatic oval pendant light hangs from sculptural gold square chain links

Like the hardware on a great handbag, this fixture is shimmer and texture in harmony.

Architectural curves in the cabinetry and seating are brilliantly echoed in the choice of hanging light.

The curves. Those soft edges create a sense of luxury and comfort.

LED recessed lighting in shadowboxes for the art collector’s foyer.

LED recessed lighting in shadowboxes for the art collector’s foyer.

A sculptural burst-shape light fixture adds contrast to stunning painted woodwork.

Start with stunning painted woodwork detail then throw a sparkler up there.

Beautiful gold frame fixtures hang unexpectedly in the kitchen.

Unexpected fixtures in the kitchen. Why save them for the formal dining room?

A quatrefoil shaped mirror adds an element of the unexpected to the bath.

The quatrefoil mirror. Unexpected.

An open frame chandelier echoes the open air feel of a dining space surrounded by windows.

Wrap a dining table in light.

A grouping of small handing pendants add visual appeal in place of a wall sconce.

Sure, you could’ve used a wall sconce but here’s another way to use vertical space.

A well matched sconce in keeping with the style of the room.

Keeping the lighting in the family.

A whimsical Dragonfly burst light fixture adds a sculptural element to a space.

When a space needs to soar.

A curving handcrafted chandelier creates a visual rhythm.

Visual rhythm crafted by hand in Vermont.

A metal globe chandelier creates a stunning view at the dinner table.

A global view at dinner.

3000 Kelvin bulbs give off a whiter light above the kitchen island and countertops.

3000 Kelvin bulbs give off a whiter light that makes the fixtures sparkle.

A ceiling fan creates a functional focal point

A functional focal point on the ceiling.

A sitting area in the bedroom feels like a B&B.

The second-floor laundry gets a mini. Cool….

Softening frame-style lighting.

Vintage style overlaying a rich, favorite shade of blue.