How To Hang a Chandelier

Choosing a chandelier and hanging it takes planning. We’ve placed them in a lot of dining rooms and kitchens. We’ve installed them in bedrooms and baths. We’ve added them over conversation areas in living rooms. For a chandelier that hangs perfectly over a dining table:

  • Suspend it 28-32” above the tabletop.
  • Locate it 12” in from the edge of the table to avoid hitting your head.
  • What’s the right proportion of the fixture in your room? Our rule of thumb is 2.5 to 3” for each foot of ceiling height. An 8-foot ceiling prefers a chandelier that’s 20-24 inches in height.
  • And the diameter? Add the height and width of your room together and treat the sum as inches. A 15 x 18-foot dining room would look great with a chandelier that’s 33” in diameter.

Now that you know the “rules” remember, your personal style guides the effect you’re trying to make. An example? Two chandeliers over a worktable or long, rectangular dining table has a “why not?” attitude that can be very appealing. And linear fixtures over a rectangular table can be longer than the above suggested 33”, especially a frame-fixture because that open airy look seems to take up less mass.

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