1. An Instant Home Update

    We update the table linens, buy flowers, invest in new table settings, but why don’t we look up? Yeah, right there. The 15-year-old chandelier that looked so cool when you bought it, so chic. It’s ... dated. Is that a thing? Do chandeliers get dated? Yes! Chandeliers, in fact most lighting, is i…Read More

  2. Kitchen Lighting


    Well it’s here. The end of daylight savings time has pitched us into the dark. It’s 6pm in my kitchen and it looks like midnight outside. It makes us all a little nutty. Fortunately, you can add light to your home (and home office) bringing beautiful comfort to your life. In a time when changing…Read More

  3. Bathroom Lighting

    It’s a Beautiful Morning

    One simple change can make a huge difference in life and at home. We see a transformation when we help customers add light to their lives. Like a light at the bathroom vanity. It’s something that you use very morning and every night. It adds light. It adds an element of design. It adds style. Ligh…Read More