1. Your Spa

    Making your bathroom really special is pretty personal. I love this photo because it illustrates something that’s key: one perfect fixture can make an entire room. Painting your toes on the side of the tub is a time-honored tradition. How about making a long, hot soak in a tub with the twinkling l…Read More

  2. Our Customers

    Our customers are my best source of inspiration. They come with amazing, inventive, funny, and even endearing ideas. We’re all watching our customers dive into the new MadisonLighting.com to learn, to discover, and to “try things on!” The funniest thing so far was a customer that told me that …Read More

  3. Trend: Rustic Luxe

    New Trends From the Lighting Shows We spend long days scouring the shows sourcing new ideas, new vendors, and exciting trends for our customers. A trend that has really taken the industry by storm is Rustic Luxe. Mix distressed woods and other casual materials with luxurious metals and soft material…Read More

  4. Outdoor Living

    Get That Air Moving Screen porches are a pleasure in Wisconsin. The only thing better is a screen porch with a ceiling fan. Moving the summer air makes porch living a breeze, literally! Not sure where to start? Here are a few things to consider. We recommend ceiling fans for damp or wet locations wh…Read More

  5. Building A New Home?

    We can help you create environments with lighting throughout your new home. Blending natural light with manmade, setting the mood in each space, functional lighting that makes everyday tasks a pleasure; we’ve done that and a lot more for thousands of customers. Here’s our how to. Make an appoint…Read More

  6. Top Ten Lighting Tips

    Professionally designed lighting will enhance the beauty, comfort and security of your home. It can make a small room seem open and airy, or a large room feel warm and cozy. It is the quickest and most cost-effective way to change the mood in your home from quiet relaxation, to casual entertainment,…Read More

  7. Non-Traditional Lighting

    Add a Conversation Piece to Your Kitchen It’s a big trend in kitchen lighting at Madison Lighting, non-traditional fixtures that illuminate you and your kitchen’s personality. A chandelier over a kitchen table, or a pair of chandeliers over a breakfast bar? Why not? The trend here in Wisconsin i…Read More

  8. Bedroom Fans

    Get That Air Moving! Cool and quiet, bedrooms should be soothing spaces. And a ceiling fan can make hot, sticky summer nights so much more comfortable. When shopping for a bedroom ceiling fan you’ll find they differ so much in price that it’s easy to get caught up in price versus power. Think of…Read More

  9. Proper Stairwell Lighting

    Illuminating Every Step Sometimes a contemporary or modern stairway can be especially difficult to navigate. Ebony treads, curved steps, unusually wide treads, they may be an art form but they can also be a bit scary for some people. Layering the light makes that art form of a stairway look beautifu…Read More

  10. Trending Now, Chandeliers in the Bedroom

    Functionally, a chandelier adds "ambient light" – indirect, evenly spread light that illuminates the room. Ambient light adds comfort to the room and makes it easy to see in the illuminated space. In a bedroom, lighting is often focused on task light -- bedside lamps and maybe a desk lamp -- so a …Read More