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Inspiration No. 19

While Dan blogged about an “ah ha” moment he had in a customer’s landscape, we began scoping out HOUZZ and Pinterest, Garden Design magazine and Fine Gardening magazine. We wanted to learn more about the magic of outdoor lighting so we, too, could make an enchanting space outside at night. Up-lighting small trees. Moonlighting from major trees. Wall washing to illuminate a space or highlight an interesting feature of your home. Path lighting. Deck lighting. Gentle ambient... Read More

Vanity Lighting

Inspiration No. 18

“It all started with the tile,” she said. And here is how inspiration found her. The master bath had a water issue and after some investigation that was fixed. But while talking with plumbers and tile people during the process, the couple, longtime Madison Lighting customers, found that the bathroom didn’t really quite fit their needs. The mirrors were too small to comfortably reflect the owner’s full height, the vanity’s finish too dark, the lighting not quite bright enough, and the shower…. Well, they said, “we decided to set a budget and make it our own.” They began looking at shelter... Read More

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Inspiration No. 17

The symmetry in this room demanded a really stunning fixture. And admit it, you might have walked right by this fixture in our showroom. But hanging over a library table in this elegant room? It’s simply perfect. The palette of silvery gray on the walls, pewter linen on the chairs, and white frames and painted woodwork is set to sparkling with the flip of a switch. A bit of bling? It’s trending now and forever.


Inspiration No. 16

The most romantic bedrooms have wonderful lighting. The firelight is special, but it’s the modern take on a crystal chandelier that warms this room. A little bit vintage, a dash of old luxury apartment a la` 1940’s, and a new soft gold finish on the light fixture adds to the bedroom’s soothing color palette and it’s creamy white woodwork. But the fact is that shimmering light can be done in a completely contemporary version, a mid-century modern look, and of course totally traditional updated for today. Using dimmers on fixtures like these make sense. Light this room gently, and save... Read More

Feiss Chandelier

Inspiration No. 15

A favorite vendor, Sean Lavin, Chief Design Officer with the Feiss design team, explains the process of gathering inspiration from the past, applying new techniques and technology, and coming up with something fresh and very much for today’s homes. Adding a brushed nickel finish, smoked crystal and chain to an old school design, the Malia Nine Light Chandelier is a cool, contemporary take on a classic. Genius.

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crystal fixture

Inspiration No. 14

It never gets old. Walk into a room and look! Someone used light in a new way!  As lighting geeks we love new ideas. Like a sparkling crystal fixture hung outside the master bedroom door in this magical home built by Premier Builders in Waunakee. At a time when some would simply put in a recessed light, or maybe a sconce, this little beauty adds textural shimmer to the doorway as it beckons you in. A touch of fun can make a space special, as it says, “we don’t take ourselves too seriously” without descending into something ordered from As Seen On TV. Tasteful. And always in just the right... Read More

Inspiration No. 13

A moment that thrills? How about walking into a home craft/office/laundry room and seeing this fixture? We were enlightened by the use of a very contemporary fixture in a room that’s completely utilitarian. Bold! And we like that because it’s your home, and we want you to enjoy being in every room. So should you have an old-school fluorescent tube fixture in your laundry room? You could, but you wouldn’t enjoy it nearly as much as something like this and you can still save energy with fluorescent bulbs. Take the simplicity of the countertop workspace, the metal stools, and desk chair... Read More

Mid-Century Modern Chandelier

Inspiration No. 12

My neighbor just sold her house. It took 3 months and a lot of lookers to find the right buyer. She worried people wouldn’t understand her house. It’s mid-century modern. No it didn’t need a “total makeover,” it’s a period house that has a voice all it’s own. My own house is a shake shingle cottage-style house that wasn’t built particularly well and my husband and I have spent a small fortune putting it right. Her house was built by Marshall Erdman back in the day. Gorgeous kitchen cabbies, the whole thing is built into a corner at a cool angle. A kitchen with attitude! And a living room... Read More

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Modern ceiling fan on screened in porch

Inspiration No. 11

Growing up we didn’t have central AC. Mom and Dad had a room air conditioner in their bedroom, but there were fans everywhere else. And most nights we ate dinner on the porch because the breeze cooled us. We dined out there in the dog days, too, when the air didn’t move. That porch got our family “away” each evening, if just for a little while. Today we luxuriate in central air conditioning, but secretly I long for those days when we enjoyed summer, hot weather and all. So we love a screen porch with a ceiling fan, and find that our customers do too. They bring us all kinds of ideas: a fan... Read More

Mission style wall sconce

Inspiration No. 10

While exploring Madison’s Regent and University Heights neighborhoods this week we found ourselves simply speechless at the beauty of tradition. Old school? Yes. Unique? YES! We have just wrapped up photographing the new Parade of Homes for these pages and it hit us while surrounded by Madison’s older homes: we love some traditional touches at every home especially exterior lighting fixtures. It could be grand and it could be simple, like this candle-style, but it says, “Welcome!” in a language all your own. Many of the Parade homes used recessed lighting on the porch exclusively, which is... Read More

Custom Kitchen Island with Pendant Lights

Inspiration No. 9

Madison’s Parade of Homes has everyone dreaming up new ideas. We did the lighting plan for this home by Premier Builders in Waunakee. It’s a terrific family home with warm and inviting spaces and tons of windows. The homeowner selected deep bronze fixtures that encase the bulbs in opaque glass as a theme that runs through the great room, dining room, and dine-in kitchen, as the floor plan is completely open. The result is spectacular. In the kitchen the bronze of the light fixtures is perfect with the rich wood in the island, and the glass picks up the rich creamy paint in the cabinets. It... Read More

Inspiration No. 8

A while back we visited with a customer in her Middleton Hills, Middleton WI home and blogged about it. Wendy’s wonderful style, of art and objects collected over time, has created a little whirl around here. Yes, we’re all Certified Lighting Specialists with years of experience, so we get totally inspired by our customers. It’s that pinging of fascinating décor into our psyches that makes this the best job on earth… but about Wendy. Her parties are a bit of a legend so we asked her for her tips on a great dinner party. Know what she... Read More

Inspiration No. 7

From years of attempting to light an entire room with a single flush mount or semi-flush mount fixture, to today’s palate for layering on the design aesthetic as well as the light, these beauties are seeing a real resurgence. When the homeowner bought this house there was no lighting in the living room. Frustrating? Not really. This homeowner used that blank canvas of a ceiling to reinvent the room. First to go? The orange peel plastered ceiling. And next the bland wall colors. She grabbed a paintbrush and gave the room a new attitude in saturated color. And added the semi-flush mount... Read More

Master Bedroom

Inspiration No. 6

While capturing some photos of a client’s kitchen, dining room and living room we got wind of a project she’s working on. This master bedroom is undergoing a complete makeover in her Middleton Hills, Middleton WI
home. A do-it yourself decorator, the homeowner drew up a floor plan then went about finding the right furniture, lighting and artwork to bring it all to life. Wendy began with an idea: stencil a wall in a Greek key type pattern and use it as inspiration for the rest. With a girlfriend she painted and stenciled a single wall. As time and budget permitted she took inspiration... Read More

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Internet application houzz

Inspiration No. 5

One of the best apps we’ve found for lovers of home and garden is HOUZZ. It’s a database with millions of photos of homes across the country in every décor; size home, style of home, part of the home, including the garden that you can imagine. Create an account with them for free and start saving their photos or any photos to idea books and projects that you create. Building a home? Take a photo of a swatch and send it to your HOUZZ idea book. See a photo in a magazine? Save it to your idea book. Find light fixtures you love at the new Click on the HOUZZ logo on the... Read More

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Inspiration No. 4

Soften hard surfaces in kitchens with fabric-covered shades like this drum shade. A classic shape that works with most every décor, it adds a warm, neutral color, and interesting patterns like this one embellished with studs and zippers! We’ve seen fabulous installations as pendants over the end tables next to a sofa. They drew the eye up and added balance that was needed. And in multiples over a casual dining room table drum shades added a dressy look that wasn’t overdone. In this kitchen it added a playful soft note in a sea of cabinets and stainless steel.

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Semi_flush Light from Minka Lavery

Inspiration No. 3

We love what time and innovation has done to this old time type of light fixture. Everyone I know grew up with a semi-flush mounted fixture or flush mounted fixture in the center of a very small bedroom ceiling. It was the only light in the room. Handy but not enough light and definitely ugly. Now, a new generation of these beauties reside in a master bath along with recessed lighting. And, they can be found in a retro kitchen over a worktable in a lead role with recessed lighting supporting them. And, yes, in a kids room but this time with a little verve. Why will you love a flush mount... Read More

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Under cabinet lighting

Inspiration No. 2

They call it form, functional, and flexible, we call it a must-have. The kitchen is probably the busiest room in the house and whether you are prepping dinner, making an online dinner reservation, or checking your kids homework, you’ll find your well-lit kitchen counter handles it all with aplomb. Here the light was layered beginning with recessed lighting in the ceiling. The upper cabinets have LED lighting for its non-heat producing light that keeps home accents and glass from damage. The cabinets hold the under-cabinet lighting for stunning effect in a Madison kitchen... Read More

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Inspiration No. 1

Place a chandelier over your bed and it draws attention to the most important piece of furniture in the room. Or place it to the side of a sentimental piece like a dressing table to create a vignette. It’s an ambient light source with glam. And, here in Wisconsin, beautifully lit chandeliers scatter shards of glowing light on the greyest of evenings.  Work the chandelier into your décor with a finish that combines well with the hardware on doors or on furniture. Of course you’ll want this important decorative piece on a dimmer so you can add just a little... Read More

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