1. Light Where You Need It Most

    A kitchen that cooks is one that feels like home. Breakfast on the sunny side? Coffee break from your home office? After school snacks for the kids and their favorite study spot? You’ve got it. Light makes time in the kitchen brighter. We layer light with natural sunshine and when that’s not pos…Read More

  2. Layer Light like an Expert

    Layer Light Like an Expert

    It’s a technique we use every day. We layer ambient light, task light, and natural light to make everything you do a little easier. Because living and working in the right light makes a huge difference. In your kitchen you’ll love recessed light over the lead edge of your countertops rather than…Read More

  3. We’re Out!

    We’re out. In the beautiful Wisconsin summertime, we’re all outside as much as possible. Coffee on the deck before work? Every morning. Dinner al fresco? Unless it’s pouring rain. Our summers are cherished. Last winter, while we waited our turn for the vaccine that would free us, we dreamed of…Read More

  4. Beauty, Character & Safety

    Adding light to your home is such a simple update and makes every day brighter. Where to start? Perhaps right up front! Your front door welcomes you, your family and friends and offers a glimpse of your style. But safety is also key – you need the right light inside and outside the door. Our light…Read More

  5. Madison Ceiling Fans


    We’re doing all we can to save energy, right? We opt for LED bulbs in our fixtures, and we turn them off when we leave the room. We’ve turned up our air conditioning 6 or 7 degrees in summer and turned ON our ceiling fans. It really is amazing how well a quality fan makes the family room more co…Read More

  6. Quality Lighting

    Light Makes It Better

    Every single room can be made better, more efficient, more welcoming, more fun, with the right light. We call it curating your own space. Take your kitchen. We’ve never worked on two kitchens that work and live the same way because no one lives in your kitchen the way you do. But there are some tr…Read More

  7. Ceiling Fan in Bedroom

    Power Play

    It’s gonna be a hot summer. Just like last year and the year before that. And while we were dreaming about projects for this summer once we were on the other side of the pandemic there was one way up on the list. A ceiling fan! There are so many reasons to swap out a ceiling fixture for a fan: Sav…Read More

  8. Your Personality Here

    In a moment we found our need for creating a space that’s all our own: quirky or artful. Busy or serene. Color-filled or gently hued. And we spent the next year dreaming about what we’d do when the quarantining is over. As this tough time lifts, so do our hearts. Ready? Let’s go! You might sta…Read More

  9. Kitchen Lighting

    The Morning Routine

    The kids are heading back to school, things are maybe returning to normal, but in so many ways we are forever changed. For a lot of us, home has become a refuge and we’re finally making it into a space we want to be. We’re really living in every inch. Take the morning routine: get the kids dress…Read More

  10. Outdoor Lighting for Spring Season

    This Spring Is All About Light!

    We’re coming out of a dark cold place called winter in Wisconsin. Suddenly you realize the days are lighter, longer. The snow has melted away. You’re ready to shake off the dark and welcome a fresh season. We’re all cleaning up the nest here. Putting away the cozy winter knits and looking for …Read More