1. Soothing Green Design Trend

    Soothing Green

    Timeless. Livable. The color green is easy to live with. So serene and desirable, nearly all major paint companies from Sherwin Williams to Behr chose shades of green as their color of the year in 2022. From soft Cooking Apple Green by Farrow and Ball on powder room walls, to deep Chimichurri by Ben…Read More

  2. Lighting Trends at Madison Lighting

    Feel Good Spaces at Home!

    The biggest shift in home décor? Astrid, the curator of TheNordRoom.com says, “We are rethinking the way we live. It is less about how we think certain rooms should look. And more about how we feel in our homes and how we can create the most comfortable home that suits your own personal need.” …Read More

  3. Guest Bath Lighting Updates

    Quick Home Updates You’ll Love

    When company is coming, especially for the holidays, we want everything to sparkle. This year as we gather with family and friends, we’re making it especially welcoming. And nothing is more welcoming than light. We have ideas, expertise, and a warehouse full of lighting, so let’s get started! Li…Read More

  4. Fabulously Fast Updates

    Giving Thanks with Fabulously Fast Updates Before the Holidays!

    This year, for the first time in what seems like forever, we’ll welcome friends and family for Thanksgiving. A lot of us consider Thanksgiving the best holiday of the year. It’s food, laughter, and talking on repeat. From a table with sentimental touches and your favorite family foods to a gentl…Read More

  5. Chandeliers Madison Wisconsin

    Lighter and Brighter

    With the softer light of autumn, I find myself turning lights on first thing in the morning, and even during the day. We love what light does for us, don’t we? It lifts our mood, creates a happier place in the kitchen and family room, and makes every task easier. Family spaces like kitchens need l…Read More

  6. Madison WI exterior Lighting Experts

    Curb Appeal

    The days are shorter, but the house looks warm and welcoming with its lighting aglow. There’s something so inviting about a home with beautiful exterior lighting. And as fall turns into winter, the lighting is not just adding curb appeal. Carriage lighting along the front of the garage makes those…Read More

  7. Quality Exterior Lighting

    Before Winter Sets In

    The title of this blog pretty much says it, right? Winter is coming to Madison. Days are shorter. Evenings are darker. Do you have enough light outside? When getting out of the car in the driveway, is there enough light to guide your guests to the door? Have you considered a carriage light or two ne…Read More

  8. Light Where You Need It Most

    A kitchen that cooks is one that feels like home. Breakfast on the sunny side? Coffee break from your home office? After school snacks for the kids and their favorite study spot? You’ve got it. Light makes time in the kitchen brighter. We layer light with natural sunshine and when that’s not pos…Read More

  9. Layer Light like an Expert

    Layer Light Like an Expert

    It’s a technique we use every day. We layer ambient light, task light, and natural light to make everything you do a little easier. Because living and working in the right light makes a huge difference. In your kitchen you’ll love recessed light over the lead edge of your countertops rather than…Read More