1. Undercabinet Lighting

    Light at hand

    What’s this funny looking thing pictured here, you say? This odd-looking gadget is the reason I love the light in my kitchen. It’s an undercabinet fixture and it’s gonna change your life. I have one of these under the cabinets over my dishwasher, over my coffee grinder and Mokamaster, over my …Read More

  2. Bathroom Lighting

    It’s a Beautiful Morning

    One simple change can make a huge difference in life and at home. We see a transformation when we help customers add light to their lives. Like a light at the bathroom vanity. It’s something that you use very morning and every night. It adds light. It adds an element of design. It adds style. Ligh…Read More

  3. Bedroom ceiling fans

    All Things Summer

    Its sort of like a cross between Seattle and a tropical rainforest living here in the 608. Alternate rain and bursts of humid heat. How will we embrace this short but wonderful season? We will eat sweetcorn outside and drink icy cold beer. We will get up and out early and stay out late to soak up ev…Read More

  4. Southern Living: they do it with fans

    On a recent trip south, something northerners don’t often do in summer, we began to understand surviving summer’s heat in a different way. Exiting the Atlanta airport, we hit the blast of hot and humid air that fogged sunglasses and took our breath away. How do people live like this? Here’s ho…Read More

  5. Keep Your Cool

    It’s been a long, cool spring in the Madison area. No heat, no AC, windows cracked open to birdsong in the early mornings. Kind of dreamy, no? Well snap out of it! It won’t last, this is Wisconsin you know. In a single day we’ll be in the heat of it. Hot sticky days, a steamy kitchen, and slee…Read More

  6. Bathroom Lighting

    A Bed & Bath to Wake Up To, Part 2

    In our last post we talked about the bedroom we live with, as opposed to the one we’d like to live in. Now, on to the master bath. At Madison Lighting there’s probably no room that frustrates customers more than the elusive “beautiful” master bath. Why’s it so hard to get it right? And, as…Read More

  7. A Bed & Bath to Wake Up To

    “Why are my bath and bedroom not the dreamy space I’m going for?” We hear these words every day at Madison Lighting. A master bath and bedroom are really important living spaces and yet so hard to get right. And, when you live in an average-sized Madison area house can you even accomplish this…Read More

  8. Pendant Play

    If you asked a lighting designer what their go-to lighting fixture would be, there’s no doubt it would be a pendant. Light over a tiny nightstand? Light over a deep seating area that invites conversation? Light over the kitchen table where you sip coffee and check your Instagram feed? The answer i…Read More