We update the table linens, buy flowers, invest in new table settings, but why don’t we look up? Yeah, right there. The 15-year-old chandelier that looked so cool when you bought it, so chic. It’s … dated. Is that a thing? Do chandeliers get dated? Yes! Chandeliers, in fact most lighting, is intrinsic to home fashion. Changing your chandelier is an instant home update. Are you ready?

On these dark winter evenings, we have the lighting on a lot. The foyer lights welcome friends when you open the front door. Does it hint at your homestyle giving you and visitors a peak at the home you’ve created? The pendants over the island help with kitchen prep, our kids’ homework, and it’s the gathering spot when guests first arrive. Over the dining table is a gracious fixture with the style you love like midcentury modern, or rustic luxe. With its grand millennial style or Scandinavian simplicity that chandelier is like the grand dame, presiding over family brunch, a new neighbor welcome party, anniversary fetes and every important moment you celebrate. Now, add the sparkle of the holidays and you realize, it is time. The need for new becomes like a craving.

The cool thing about a chandelier is how easily it transforms a space. With room measurements and some photos on your phone the lighting designers at Madison Lighting can help you size the chandelier correctly for the space. This is really important because your rooms are unique in size and the ceilings could be 8 feet, 10 feet, or higher, complicating it further. Open floor plans make proportion a challenge for most homeowners. And capturing your unique style can be a reach. Yet, when you swap out the fixture for the new one everything changes in an instant. The room takes on its new personality, and there is. Fashionable and chic, once more.