These are wild times. As the pandemic found its way to Madison, the folks here at family-owned Madison Lighting decided the best thing to do was close our showroom temporarily. Our staff is truly family, related and not. We’re working from home, while a few others keep the warehouse rolling and the phones answered. We had no idea what to expect but as the rest of our community began to work from home, our phones began to ring.

Working from home used to be a euphemism for a light day of work, sprinkled with streaming YouTube videos, a big pot of coffee, and a quiet day at home. Fast forward to a “safer at home” order from the governor and working from home became everyone’s daily reality. Who knew we could feel so uncomfortable working from home?

“My lamp is too low for my screen, have you got any 24” tall lamps?”
“We’re both working from home, my new “home office” is in our bedroom. It’s really dark…”
“My kids are doing distance learning at our kitchen island. I never realized how terrible the lighting is ‘til now!”
“My lights are behind me and the shadows on my screen are so irritating…”
Turns out, when you really have to be productive you need a quiet spot, a comfy desk chair, and plenty of light.

Tons of phone calls ensued, and they just keep coming! A lot of lamps have gone out the door. Need a hand as you adjust to this new life? You can shop online with us 24/7, and get free shipping. Not sure what would be best? Call us at 608.271.6911, we’ll have a lighting designer with you stat. And if you’re local and really desperate we may be able to deliver it to your doorstep, with absolute social distancing! Working from home? We can help.