We’re out. In the beautiful Wisconsin summertime, we’re all outside as much as possible. Coffee on the deck before work? Every morning. Dinner al fresco? Unless it’s pouring rain. Our summers are cherished. Last winter, while we waited our turn for the vaccine that would free us, we dreamed of it. We saw ourselves on the porch with friends, in the company of hundreds of lightening bugs, it’s a dark, starry evening, and the ceiling fan quietly turns overhead. Wait, a ceiling fan outside? Well, yeah. While we dreamt of our beautiful summer, we didn’t lose touch with reality. It can be hot and it can be muggy in our Wisco summers. Mosquitos attack sometimes. But under that quiet, quality ceiling fan there’s a gentle breeze, cooling you, and making it rather difficult for mosquitos. Perfection.

We studied up on our facts because we know a big box store fan would only disappoint. We know we’ll enjoy that fan every season for years because we’re buying a well-built fan with a good motor that’s made to run outdoors. And it runs for pennies so it’s a “green” choice!

If you haven’t made that dream a reality, let’s make it happen. There’s plenty of summer and fall left to enjoy outside. We’re experts on ceiling fans, and we are awfully good at bringing style to light. And ceiling fans.